Friends across the Water

Friends Across the Water will be an innovative project that gives children an understanding and voice concerning a major issue affecting Europe in our time - the migrant crisis. History may see this event as a turning point for Europe and it is vital that children are aware of the issues and the possible impacts and have an opportunity to share their own concerns and feelings regarding a crisis in Europe.

Our story is a journey from conflict to the dangers of crossing seas through to cultural immersion and re-settlement. It is a two way process of visiting and receiving. Water is a friend but it can be an enemy. As we write this summary another boatload of migrants have drowned, including many children. Children hear this news and must come to terms with the catastrophes.

Our project came about as a result of a group of diverse schools, from different parts of Europe, working with children to find out what concerned them in the Europe they inhabit. It is a project children have chosen and wish to explore together from many perspectives.

Participants have been chosen with care due to the diversity they offer to the project story. We start with Turkey and journey across Europe to Bulgaria, Romania and Poland who have issues with talent migration, moving to Portugal, Lithuania, the Netherlands and Greece. A really diverse mixture of experience will enrich this project. The participants are also experienced in international projects, giving this ambitious project a really good chance of great success.

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